A note on pricing:

Most photographers, like myself, use professional quality digital SLR (single lens reflex) cameras with full frame, 24X36mm,  high resolution sensors.  These cameras produce very large, highly detailed image files, and, when the cameras are combined with professional level lenses and good photographic technique, the files are capable of producing tack sharp prints at sizes up to 16″x 24″.

However, many professional photographers choose to keep their digital image files and sell their clients prints and photo books, etc.  My clients receive full rights of all of their images.  No strings attached!  Here’s a look at my packages.

Family/Children/Senior Packages:

1 hour +  = 25-30 digital images – $300

40 min + = 12-15 digital images – $175

25 min + =  6-8 digital images – $140

Files are delivered via Dropbox, Google sharing, or flash drives within 2 weeks of the shoot.