About Me

As the mother of three active boys who would rather say “Tag, you’re it!” over “Cheeeeeese” any day, I’ve learned that standing still is simply not in my children’s nature.

Of course, life doesn’t stand still, either. The endless photos I take of my boys are special to me because they capture moments in time as much as their smiling faces.  If I told them to stand still, I’d miss them rolling down a grassy hill, sharing an ice cream cone on a warm, summer day, or splashing in an ice-cold Adirondack lake.  The moments are the memories. And those kinds of moments are exactly what I strive to photograph when I work with clients, too, whether I’m shooting a bride and groom, a family, or a high school senior.  I often prefer to leave the “cheese” behind and focus on genuine, spontaneous moments and raw emotion.

In a way, my goal is to become invisible. This is why I prefer to photograph clients in places that are comfortable and familiar– their homes, for instance, or their favorite beaches or parks.

As important as people are to my pictures, though, it’s often the small details that really cement the memory. When I photograph a wedding, for example, I’ll make sure to include a shot of the bride’s antique earrings that were passed down to her by a great-grandmother, the moment a mother zips up her daughter’s dress, or the engraved bride-and-groom champagne flutes that were given by the best man.

Because even once-in-a-lifetime memories can fade. Those small details make those moments spring back to life.

My love of photography started young – when I was a child, I’d sneak into my father’s basement darkroom and watch, fascinated, as images would come alive on paper. I took my first formal classes in college, and I haven’t stopped shooting since: I’ve been a professional photographer for 12 years, and I’ve shot dozens of weddings, engagement sessions, families, students and more.

In addition to photography and those energetic boys with my husband, I’m also a 6th grade teacher. I live in Saranac Lake, near Lake Placid, N.Y, the perfect home base to work, explore and adventure in the beautiful Adirondacks with my family.