About Me

As the mother of three active boys who would rather say “Tag, you’re it!” over a forced “Cheeeeeese” any day, I’ve learned that standing still is simply not in my children’s nature.  I’d much rather capture them tumble down a grassy hill, share an ice cream cone on a summer day, or splash in an ice-cold Adirondack lake than pose awkwardly in a studio.  The raw, uninhibited moments are the memories. Mine and yours.

My love of photography started young – when I was a child, I’d sneak into my father’s basement darkroom and watch, fascinated, as images came alive on paper. I took my first formal classes in college, and I haven’t stopped shooting since: I’ve been a professional photographer for 14 years, focusing mostly on families and kiddos.

In addition to photography, I’m also a middle school teacher.  I live in Saranac Lake, the perfect spot to work and adventure in the beautiful Adirondacks with my family.